Not all the crucial issues facing the Charleston area come with simple solutions. I am frustrated by the transportation and density issues. However, there is one problem that saddens and frustrates me daily because it absolutely should not be happening.

Driving Route 17, Main Road or Maybank Highway during an ever lengthening rush hour is not only maddening, but a visual nightmare. This beautiful area, particularly Johns Island, has become everyone’s trash can. I’ve learned more about preferred alcoholic beverages, water, diapers, mattresses, fast foods, etc., than I’ve ever cared to know.

There are signs listing the penalty for “littering” — which truly doesn’t describe the severity of the issue. Obviously no one is paying attention — not the offending people or the authorities who are supposed to enforce the law.

So who are the offenders? Construction trucks with open beds? People who don’t know any better or don’t care? Probably it’s a combination of factors; however, the solution is easy. Uphold the law with fines, and for those caught who can’t afford to pay, have them pick up trash.

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Dawn Rosendall

Acorn Drop

Johns Island

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