I am appalled that the State House is balking on including the gun ban for convicted domestic abusers in its version of the domestic violence bill.

Reputable polls show that 76 percent (a Post and Courier editorial states 81 percent) of South Carolina residents statewide support this ban, yet many lawmakers are still opposed.

One can only wonder how the NRA holds more sway than a decided majority of voters who have the ability to vote these “representatives” out of office. I urge you to seriously consider doing so if this gun ban is gutted from the bill.

Seventy-six percent is a number that surpasses party affiliation and includes a large number of gun owners. These owners obviously take the right to own firearms for hunting and protection seriously, and are aware of the responsibilities involved.

They are experienced enough to recognize that this right should not be extended to those who have already demonstrated a lack of impulse control and a willingness to engage in violence toward family members.

The vast majority of our citizens are supporting a common-sense gun ban for convicted domestic abusers.

We’re speaking out and forging new political alliances in an effort to protect domestic violence victims.

Our elected representatives would do well to take note of their constituents, put aside their blind allegiance to the NRA and restore the gun ban for abusers in the domestic violence bill.

Bobbie Rose

Bennett Street