Not a day goes by that we don’t see something in the local media on people complaining about our beloved Lowcountry being relentlessly overdeveloped and becoming intolerably crowded.

From the corridor of shamefully misplaced new buildings along Coleman Boulevard to a four-story office and parking garage at Shem Creek, to the plans for the Sergeant Jasper/Colonial Lake site, to Cap’n Sam’s Spit.

These complainers are well- meaning local residents who truly care about their waning quality of life and want to preserve it. After all, they were here first.

Government planners, county, city and town councils, zoning administrators: Why do you insist upon trying to cram a house, apartment or hotel into every nook and cranny of the Lowcountry?

Why don’t you listen to your friends and neighbors? Poorly advertised public input meetings are held in crowded rooms where residents voice their concerns — and nobody listens.

Eddie Collins

Oldwanus Drive

Mount Pleasant