I was disappointed recently to read that our elected officials are still ignoring the will of their constituents regarding seismic testing and offshore drilling. These officials and their staffers have told us that petitions and resolutions will not affect the decision-making process on these issues. That mindset is simply preposterous.

Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C., has said we should do the seismic testing. to find out what’s out there and then make rational decisions. He is wrong. His position should be commensurate with the position of his constituents. I voted for Mr. Rice to be my representative, not a dictator. Tom Rice and his colleagues need to remember who elected them — and let those people be heard through their actions.

We are now at a point where the governments of every single coastal town in the state of South Carolina (and the capital city of Columbia) have resolved against seismic testing and offshore drilling. What is it about the word “unanimous” that Mr. Rice and his colleagues don’t understand?

Those resolutions should indicate to our elected officials that we don’t care what is out there. We are against seismic testing. We do not need to do it. We do not want to do it. We do not believe oil industry claims that it is harmless.

Our rational decision has been made. We believe that every possible benefit to be derived from offshore drilling is not worth the risk to our economies and environment.

Rep. Rice, Gov. Nikki Haley, and all our other elected officials should have a “no brainer” to deal with on these issues. Instead, they persist in representing the best interests of the oil companies.

We the people were not responsible for these preposterous ideas of seismic testing and offshore drilling. We were not responsible for massive campaign donations and PAC dollars to benefit our elected officials.

But we are responsible for the rational decisions expressed by the governments of every coastal town, village and industrial port city in our state.

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Now it is time for our senators, congressmen and governor to do what they were elected to do: represent us, not the oil companies.

Rick Baumann

Hammock Avenue

Murrells Inlet

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