been numerous incidents of shootings and assaults against police officers around the country.

If that isn’t enough, other incidents of disrespect have taken place such as a fast-food worker’s refusal to serve a uniformed police officer. Black Lives Matter activists directed a chant at cops. saying, “Pigs in blankets, fry ’em like bacon.”

Other groups and individuals have advocated violence, including murder, toward police officers.

In one case an activist stated that the recent shooting death of a Houston police officer was well-deserved. So a cop pumping gas into his cruiser deserves to be shot 15 times at point blank?

There’s plenty of evil and shameful behavior to go around, along with silence from leadership.

In this new anti-cop society it’s time to re-arm the police with maximum fire power. I suggest a weapons room at every police station filled with military hardware and equipment. That’s right — big, powerful stuff. Cops should be able to choose what weapons they need for offensive or defensive operations.

Thug culture has now become the norm and has been glorified.

Instead of punishment and correction for this cancer, there are truckloads of excuses. That really means more useless social engineering programs that don’t work.

Additionally, non-law-enforcement types need to shut up and get out of the way. They know nothing about police work, law and order and handling criminals.

Cops need to be re-empowered, re-armed and supported immediately.

Wally Reddington Jr.

MSgt, U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Durrell Court

Goose Creek