Some people are dangerous and must be protected from themselves. The worst thing our Legislature could do is pass the proposed bill H.4476 regarding distressed animals in cars. It effectively dupes caring people into believing that the person who smashes a car window to extract an animal will not be held accountable.

The criteria on which this bill hinges is reasonableness or common sense. But common sense is an elusive generality. It is never good advice to suggest to anyone “use your common sense” because it has as many variables and “buts” as a rainbow has shades and hues.

The rescued dog may not be appreciative or reasonable — it may be a guard dog that starts to do its job after the rescue. Who will pay to sew on the rescuer’s arm?

The real danger arises when the driver arrives 15 seconds after the dog rescuer smashes the back window. He is returning with a bag of groceries after a 20 minute shopping hiatus. The driver would not appreciate or understand.

Indeed, the driver would have legitimate reasons to be upset.

A call to 911 is the safe and intelligent response in these situations. Our police are the professionals with the training and experience to determine the intelligent, reasonable response to pursue.

John McGoldrick

Berkshire Circle