Before Justice Antonin Scalia’s remains were taken from the Texas lodge, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell announced that his party would not even entertain Supreme Court nominees from President Obama.

The Republican presidential candidates paused from the food fight they call a debate to agree. Republicans use the Constitution as a bludgeon, usually incorrectly, until it requires them to do something they don’t like.

This is reminiscent of McConnell and Republican leaders agreeing the day after Mr. Obama was elected in November 2008 to obstruct any proposal he brought forth to assure that he wasn’t re-elected.

The obstruction worked beautifully at a painful cost to our country, but not the election.

In the last seven years Republicans have proven that government is the problem by stubbornly refusing to govern. And even with this shameful behavior, bordering on sedition, around 50 percent of Americans will vote Republican in November. Sad.

Michael Griffith

Wappoo Creek Drive