All of the members of the General Assembly should give back the salaries they received for this session. They cannot address even one major problem and get something done. They have time to debate gun carry laws and decide who can use what bathroom, but cannot address ethics reform or get out a decent roads bill.

Only a few in South Carolina would object to an increase in the gas tax to pay for fixing the roads. The only ones who object appear to be in the General Assembly and the governor’s mansion.

People of South Carolina realize that the roads need to be fixed and that an increase in the gas tax would affect only those who use the roads. Instead they decide to use $400 million of general revenue. Now everyone pays even if he doesn’t drive on the roads.

This money would be better spent making Medicaid available to more people and accepting the federal dollars that would go with that.

When the session ends in May they will still have accomplished nothing. It is time for South Carolina to grow up. All of these problems could be solved with revenue that would come with legalizing gambling in the state.

Just think of the jobs that would be created and the tax revenue and license fees that would be collected. Casinos and hotels would be built and provide a revenue stream.

Don’t use the excuse that legalizing gambling would create misery for the people of South Carolina. We don’t need a big brother or a father figure to decide what is bad or good for us. Legislators need to stop keeping us at the bottom of almost every category. We have to move forward, and all they do is look backward.

Robert S. Weitzel

Farmhill Drive