A recent article of the “Left Behind” series regarding school choice in Charleston County highlighted comments from the parents of prospective students to Burke High School. In each interview, fear and anger prevailed in their choice of words.

Fear clouds are more evident in the naysayers who think “bigger and larger is better” than the optimists who expound “smaller breeds quality and unique comprehensive awareness.”

There is no learning in isolation. Students and faculty combine instruction with student service and community learning experiences. The concerns for student safety and well-being, while being engaged in learning and socialization are the same sentiments of parents whose children attend classes on the Burke campus.

While the vast majority looks down their noses in disdain at the Burke campus school initiatives for maintaining aggressive standards and attaining to greater student acceleration levels, the student body, faculty, and staff are eager in their approach to study and work performance.

This community should be the launching ground for birthing learning diversities built on like commonalities rather than having the minorities uprooted, demoralized, and dehumanized before we, minorities, all can sit at the table with the “majority.”

That which we have called democracy is the height of racism.

Willene H. Rose

Ashton Street