A Jan. 27 editorial was titled “Citadel steps up with honor.” The 14 cadets in white hoods and robes sent a terrible message to our community, especially after the tragedy at Mother Emanuel AME Church. Charlestonians and the thousands of visitors have come together to repair a damaged community.

I am certain if these cadets were aware of the major contribution of African Americans they would be more mindful of their behavior.

The Citadel offers several positive approaches and remedies toward a better understanding of bridging the gap and educating those who are unaware of the contribution of African Americans.

Professor Marcus Cox has designed a course which encourages the appreciation of people of African descent.

I would encourage everyone to come out to The Citadel’s annual Black History Month Bazaar celebration on Feb. 6 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Come see the largest mobile museum display in South Carolina on Ancient Egyptians, by Tut-Tut Kemetic Group and area historians. Join the community and be a part of a positive educational experience.

Our future depends on strong men and women to promote freedom and equality. The United States is a cultural blend of citizens who defend that very freedom.

Robert Ross

Hester Street