As reported in the news two weeks ago, Leaf restaurant, a Beaufain Street fixture since 2011, has closed. Dozens of restaurants open and close annually in our city, but Leaf was not just any restaurant. It was a true neighborhood eatery, popular with locals, students, and tourists.

Senior partner and general manager Pierre Estoppey, a veteran in the hospitality industry, along with his team resurrected the prime location from a failing Vickery’s, totally renovated the property and hired dedicated, customer-oriented staff.

Pierre was highly respected by his loyal staff (most of whom had been with him since the beginning) for his hard work, customer service attitude and most importantly the sense of family he engendered there.

My family and I were among many loyal customers of Leaf. When my mother-in-law turned 100, we held her birthday party there. Pierre instructed the staff that, from that day forward, all of her meals were “on the house.”

Such sudden restaurant closures leave hard working, loyal staff unemployed without notice and customers searching for new options.

Pierre Estoppey is a true and caring professional in the industry and was not ready to close his restaurant. We can only hope Leaf will reopen in a new space. It will have a legion of loyal fans following wherever it goes.

Bill Perry

Gibbes Street