Recently I was walking between the walking path and the forest across Bees Ferry Road from the Shadowmoss Golf Course when a City of Charleston police officer pulled up. He asked, “Are you all right, sir?” My response, “Yes sir, I’m just looking for golf balls,” whereupon I showed him a couple I had just picked up. His response was, “Been there, done that,” and he drove off.

As I walked back to my home, with my stash of 11 newly found used golf balls, I thought “what a kind and caring young man that police officer was.” He could have just driven on by, but instead he showed concern for a “senior citizen” wandering along the outskirts of the forest.

It reinforced my opinion that the police are our friends and their main goal is to protect the citizens in their city. I wished that I had gotten his vehicle number so that I could single him out for his kind deed. But, after giving the matter a little more thought, I decided that he probably would not like to be singled out for doing what he and all of his fellow officers have sworn to do.

So, sir, if you happen to read this letter and recognize yourself as the kind and caring officer who showed a little concern for a fellow citizen, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I pray that police officers everywhere commence to get the respect they all deserve.

Harry S. Gray Jr.

Barrington Lane