I realize I will never be recognized as the smartest person in the room unless I’m in there alone. I never went to college, nor do I have any alphabet soup after my name.

However, the current political climate is making me nuttier than I usually am, and there’s little that I am able to do to change it. It seems that the more I learn, the less I understand.

Many media outlets seem to have made their choice as to our next president, and they flood the news with their slant as if the average voter doesn’t have even two functioning brain cells.

Many career politicians seem to use the same strategies. They’ve become ingrained in the system they helped create while losing touch with their constituents.

On being PC: In our efforts to prove that we are not prejudiced against particular religions, genders, races, sexual orientation, etc., we manage to go overboard and exchange one group topsy-turvy for another.

Freedom of speech: Whose right is it? Is it only for certain people or groups? Often, it’s simply the loudest, most demanding ones. Others who express differing opinions are hammered for being hateful and insensitive. But we should remember that still waters run deep and voters are fed up with the status quo.

U.S. Constitution: I thought I’d learned that it was put into place to protect American citizens. Does just stepping on our soil with no intention to respect our laws, language, traditions, etc., automatically entitle someone to all the benefits of this great country, without respecting it or demonstrating any personal commitment?

If the USA is such a terrible place, why would people even want to come here?

Christmas: If you remove Christ, why celebrate? There are 364 other days a year to shop and party. There are so many things to understand and so little time to learn.

S.M. Salmon

Runnymede Lane