On June 1, after attending a Piccolo event and having dinner at 82 Queen, we went to the garage across from 82 Queen to validate our parking ticket. It was about 8:30 p.m. We put the ticket in the machine,and it said we owed $8. I put a $10 bill in the machine and my validated ticket came out, but no change. The printed receipt said I had paid $8 and that the “unreturned change” was $2.

We pushed the button for assistance and waited and waited and waited. No one came. We finally gave up and left with no change.

My question: What does the parking garage do with all the “unreturned change”? It apparently is so common for the machine not to return change that it even prints “unreturned change” on the receipt.

Ken Robichaux

Glenlake Court

Mount Pleasant