I must take exception to the views expressed in a letter published November 24.

I am a “ ’60s girl,” age 67, who loves all kinds of music, including rock, but feel loud music belongs in a certain kind of venue at non-controversial hours.

I am glad to hear that the band the letter writer admires will play at the Music Farm because that is the type of space it needs. To have blaring music in a residential neighborhood is inappropriate and insensitive, and I would certainly call the police in this situation.

You are not necessarily a close-minded person if you object to having your sleep — or that of your child or other family member — disturbed by loud music. You are simply a citizen entitled to a normal night’s sleep. It appears the letter writer doesn’t care about people’s medical concerns or the need for a student to sleep well.

I cannot agree that a loud concert represents a cultural exchange of ideas. There may be something of interest in a song’s lyrics, but it cannot be examined while the song is being played loudly; this kind of exchange requires time and conversation.

My guess is the letter writer has neither a young child nor an elderly relative living with him. I hope he has no medical problems that could be made worse by noisy music. This may be a case where growing older may change his opinions. In the meantime, I would hope he learns to respect the needs of others, not only the wishes of aspiring musicians and their immediate audiences.

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Jerri Chaplin

Wraggborough Lane


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