The City Planning Commission is considering a request by The Beach Company to change the zoning of the 6.4-acre Sgt. Jasper site to a planned unit development (PUD) to allow for residential and commercial development.

As The Post and Courier has reported, there is substantial opposition to this zoning change. The commission must also decide whether to amend the city’s Century V Plan to allow for this development. The Century V Plan was approved in 2011 by City Council and governs land use.

It is a long-range plan created for the citizens of our city and updated every 10 years. It articulates the visions and goals of the city and is intended to direct the development of our communities.

I’m certain City Council adopted the current adaptation of the Century V Plan in 2011 after serious and well-considered deliberations, and because it believed the plan is in the best interest of the city.

The Century V Plan “is a statement of community values and goals concerning the existing and future environment.

It serves as a guide for decision makers and a tool for managing community change to achieve a desired quality of life.” It cannot be in the best interest of the city to accommodate the whims of development companies — in this case The Beach Company — over the vision of the current Century V Plan.

Deborah Bernard

Chisolm Street