There are three reasons why we can trust that Gov. John Kasich’s vision for creating jobs and growing our economy are the most realistic hope for our nation’s future:

1) His ideas on taxes, budget balancing and trade, as articulated in well over a hundred town hall meetings, are sound — not just wishful thinking.

2) As the two-term Republican governor of a state that Barack Obama won in the last two presidential elections, he has created an environment conducive to substantial jobs and economic growth. Also under his leadership as chairman of the House Budget Committee he deserves a lot of credit for the last balanced budget our nation had.

3) Even in the “sound bite” debates his sincerity and good judgment have made it obvious that he is well experienced in dealing with the many other issues he will face as president and commander in chief. He also has a basic decency and spirituality important to facing, day after day, the burden of making tough decisions.

John Nicholas Hayes

Dupont Way