This primary season has me baffled as a Republican. As a dentist of 40 years, and a state senator of 11 years, I will share an analogy.

If an accident leaves you in need of major spinal surgery, which of the following would be your choice:

(a) The esteemed and respected medical professor, (b) The recently graduated orthopedist, (c) The orthopedist who practices on limbs (knees), or (d) The orthopedist who has performed thousands of successful spinal surgeries?

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are somewhat like the A group — intelligent but without experience running a government.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have no executive experience.

Being a governor and running the state can be quite helpful to the chief executive of the United States.

Ronald Reagan was a great president who was considerably helped by being governor of California, as was George W. Bush with Texas as was Bill Clinton with Arkansas. While Jeb Bush has run a state government, he has no experience with Congress.

However, we have one candidate in this presidential race who has all the experience — Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. He spent 16 years in the Congress and worked with Reagan on balancing the budget, and he had years of experience on the Armed Forces Committee.

As governor of Ohio, he has been so successful that he achieved a large re-election victory in a swing state. More importantly he defeated an incumbent Democrat when he first ran for Ohio. He provides as much of a sure chance for a Republican president as you can get.

We do not need another president who will learn on the job.

Quite honestly, the fate and future of our country needs to be in the hands of an experienced person such as John Kasich, who has the proven experience.

Why my friends cannot see that baffles me.

Raymond E. Cleary III

Senate District 34

Gressette Senate Building