As a registered nurse with 30 years medical and professional experience, I have some real concerns about non-vaccinated children.

The measles outbreak is not going away unless there are new laws to change the requirements for vaccinations.

There will be dire consequences for parents who don’t vaccinate their children.

This is no longer a personal choice but a public health outbreak, similar to the second-hand smoking issue, which affects everyone.

Laws have to be changed to protect others. The connection to autism has been discredited.

The only reason to opt out of a measles vaccination should be a medical one.

It should be mandatory for all children, not just those going to public school.

I’m taking a Guardian Ad Litem class, and I’ve learned that children “under law” must have a “minimum sufficient level” of care — emotional, developmental and physical (where immunizations and regular medical and dental care are the standard).

Aren’t vaccines part of this? Are parents being negligent under this law? Why hasn’t DSS made a issue of this? Someone needs to be an advocate for the child.

April Thompson, R.N.

Commonwealth Road

Mount Pleasant