For decades, Europe has followed a politically correct path toward self-destruction. Its open borders policy threatens Europe’s way of life as millions of refugees pour in, including covert terrorists. Still Western Europe continues welcoming unvetted immigrants, including some who will add to the carnage.

Countries without borders are merely land masses unable to maintain their cultures, control their economies and protect their citizens. Some European countries are, perhaps too late, closing theirs in the wake of recent jihadist atrocities.

Jihad has come to America. But this administration doesn’t perceive jihad as “an existential threat to America.” Global warming’s our most portentous problem.

Obama seems to view the Boston, Fort Hood and San Bernardino attacks as acceptable casualties while he continues his Neville Chamberlain world view. “Strategic patience” is another of his oxymoronic non sequiturs we’ve come to expect in lieu of foreign policy solutions. GOP concern over Muslim refugee immigration is met with snide remarks like “They’re afraid of widows and three-year-old orphans.” Cute.

Post Obama America will require leadership that removes the anchor on our global commitments, rejects Europe’s solution to its immigration problems, unabashedly identifies jihad for the menace that it is and implements effective information gathering guidelines commensurate with the terror threat.

Don Maresca

Pinyon Drive