I can see the new clarion call for liberals as they continue to dismantle the values on which this country was built: Allow people who “feel” a certain way sexually, access to the public restroom of their choice, irrespective of their anatomy.

I have no problem with individuals choosing to live in any manner they want, as long as they respect my choice of lifestyle as well.

The problem seems to come into focus when you look at some numbers. Several respected polls show that 3.4 to 3.8 percent of the people in this country identify as LGBT. That means that 96 percent-plus do not.

Political cartoons mock North Carolina and Mississippi for laws they have enacted that offer “protection for” not “discrimination against” their citizens.

As a people we have a duty to protect our citizens, but especially our young people and children. If society is going to err in this instance it needs to be on the side of the most vulnerable.

Fudgy Brabham

Marina Drive

Daniel Island