In his announcement that he is now officially a GOP presidential candidate, Sen. Lindsey Graham said, in part, that he has more foreign policy experience than any other candidate, including Hillary Clinton.

This might be true, but the lingering questions are whether foreign policy experience is the senator’s only “trick” and if this is the most important issue for the future of our nation.

The primary issue now and for future generations is the strength of our economy: jobs, a skilled labor force and the infrastructure to move people, goods and services anywhere at any time so the right resources are available at the right places at the right time.

We have spent billions trying to rebuild nations around the world, initiatives supported or put forward by Sen. Graham. The return on those dollars spent has been nothing. Foreign policy starts at home.

We can make no better use of our tax dollars than investing in our own economic future.

It’s time to challenge Sen. Graham to be specific on that issue. It’s time for the senator to show us if he has solutions to that issue, not just foreign policy.

Skip Crane

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island