The Israeli reaction, and especially the U.S. Israeli firsters, to the nuclear deal with Iran is very interesting. The agreement is clearly a significant repudiation of Netanyahu’s perspective, the existential threat posed by Iran, and advocacy of suppressing Iran, especially given his egregious efforts to influence the U.S. Congress.

In a circumspect manner the agreement actually constrains the Israeli government in the sense that a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities would raise serious multi-national resistance and censure (given the consensual agreement of major international participants). Of course, the United States should expect serious resistance from the various Israeli lobbying groups.

The truly amazing fact of this scenario that is never raised or discussed by major media outlets, is that Israel has an estimated 300 nuclear weapons and an unknown supply of chemical weapons.

Furthermore, Israel has rejected International Atomic Energy Agency inspections and has refused to sign the international treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

These are objective and verifiable facts.

The facts of how Israeli obtained the technology and resources to develop a nuclear weapon are another story altogether.

Jonathan E. Walker

Coral Reef Drive

Johns Island