Remember when President Obama stated that al-Qaida was decimated? He quickly removed troops from Iraq, leaving millions of dollars of equipment behind for the re-constituted Iraq military to defend themselves.

Well, thank goodness al-Qaida could not quite get its act together. It probably could not find the start switch on one of our Humvees.

Enter the Islamic State. It is very sophisticated. I want to throw up every time I see a black flag flying from one of our military vehicles — the same ones we left behind for the Iraq defense forces. Yet Obama has likened ISIS (or ISIL, as he prefers) to a “junior varsity team.” He has even pronounced that “ISIL has been contained.”

Well, that same “junior varsity team” has been utilizing encryption to communicate within its network to direct threats and terrorist attacks.

Not to worry about ISIS, though. Obama has assured us that all we have to do is be vigilant, and if we see something, say something. Now isn’t that reassuring?


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