If you believe the deal the Obama administration is pushing with Iran is a good one for our country, think again. These are facts: The Iranian Constitution is based entirely on Islam, and calls for a single ayatollah to make all laws and interpret Islam and the Koran. He is essentially a dictator.

The U.S. Senate must reject the treaty, and the House members must speak out forcefully against it.

To accept the Obama deal would throw our only ally, Israel, under the bus. The ayatollah has said over and over “Death to Israel and America,” and I believe him.

Our only ace in the hole is that over 50 percent of the Iranian population is under 35 years of age. They are oppressed by the government and, for the most part, favor the United States and our allies.

Surely we have men and women in Iran who could easily identify young opposition leaders so that we could funnel them money to allow an overthrow of the dictatorship and establish a democracy.

We owe the citizens of Iran our help because it was the U.S. that threw our strong ally, the late Shah, under the bus and forced him from the throne.

Ernest J. Berger

Deer Point Drive

Johns Island