Lately when I watch the news I get an uncomfortable feeling, particularly pertaining to the Middle East. The players are different, but the play is very similar to plays from the past.

In 1938 Neville Chamberlain, in the Munich Agreement, one of the largest examples of appeasement to a murdering tyrant, ceded a huge portion of Czechoslovakia to Hitler. Shortly afterward Hitler invaded Poland.

We have had cases of appeasement since then, but now we have examples that could get a lot of people killed. We are dealing with some real lunatics in Tehran, and these people are fond of barking, “Death to America.”

Mr. Obama is playing with fire. He is appeasing the mullahs by allowing them to keep their nuclear program intact. He has offered to remove all restrictions on their program in 10 years. This is madness. These people want to destroy us — and Israel.

Further, these murderers have broken countless other agreements with us and the UN as well as the International Atomic Energy Agency. They have interfered with scheduled inspections and lied to the inspectors. They are the world’s largest exporter of terrorism.

We are on a path to war with Iran. It seems there are two versions. With appeasement, we keep acting from weakness and allow them to get their bomb. They are crazy and hateful enough to launch it against us. Or we order them to cease all nuclear operations and all terrorism worldwide, We don’t ask and we don’t negotiate. You can’t negotiate with bullies or lunatics. Their word is no good.

All options are on the table; all options will be used. No swords in the sand.

Dick Whitfield

Salt Wind Way

Mount Pleasant