As Donald Trump’s primary opponents attempt to match him insult for insult and the discourse becomes even more crude and preposterous, I join many Americans as I worry about what this means for the future of the country.

Will our children learn that name calling and lies are what a president does? Will our tolerance for such unacceptable behavior become so great that it no longer sounds wrong?

Each day it seems we see more abuses of power as African Americans and Muslims are removed from Trump’s events and uniformed guards and Secret Service agents attack protestors.

Trump is being cheered today for mocking and bullying those who disagree with him.

He shouts his love for his followers. But as his power becomes greater and his dictums more strident, will the adoration of the crowd turn to obedience in fear that he will be pointing his finger and shouting at them next?

It has happened before.

Agnes F. Pomata

Foxfire Road

Wadmalaw Island