This is in response to a Feb. 3 letter on unions. I would like to share some information, not just with the people of Boeing, but all the people of South Carolina.

If you have a job with a base 40-hour work week, thank a union. If you have a job with health benefits, thank a union. If you work in a safe environment, thank a union. If you have a job with pension benefits, thank a union. If you make a decent wage so you can take care of your family, thank a union,

Wake up, people. Some of these big corporations pay CEOs millions of dollars in salaries and bonuses, yet they blame unions when things go bad. Why? Because they can. They will do anything to take the spotlight off of themselves.

Do you think companies give you things like those mentioned above because they want to? I bet if you check the costs of the Boeing plane made in Washington State and the cost of the plane made in South Carolina, the costs will be the same. Boeing just makes more profit on the one made in South Carolina by paying workers less.

I listen to Gov. Nikki Haley bash unions just about every chance she gets. She says how the state of South Carolina doesn’t want or need unions.

Yet when our local union halls open our books to new members, men and women line up at our doors as if we are selling the newest iPhone. I have come to realize in my 28 years on the Charleston waterfront as a very proud member of the International Longshoremen’s Association that they hate us ’cause they ain’t us.

Richard L. Heiterer

E. Wimbledon Drive