Roger Cohen’s arguments in a Feb. 2 op-ed quickly fall of their own weight. He makes the statement that “on college campuses where movements like Black Lives Matter have focused minds on issues of oppression and injustice, it does not take much to draw a parallel with the Palestinian cause.”

Mr. Cohen thus justifies what is going on now on college campuses as if academia holds the moral high ground, when in fact too many college campuses are hothouses, not only for Jewish/Israel hatred, but for hatred of America as well.

The corruption and rot on American university campuses is fertilized by huge infusions of money from Saudi Arabian princes and major dollops of empty dogma from professors who are refugees from the 1960s and their acolytes.

Mr. Cohen points to the organization titled “J Street,” which he describes as a “liberal pro-Israel, pro-peace Jewish lobbying group.” Almost nothing about that statement is remotely true.

J Street is not “liberal,” but radical leftist. It is not “pro-Israel.” Its ultimate objective is to destroy the Jewish state. It is the source of vicious anti-Israel propaganda.

Mr. Cohen uses all the patented tropes that imply that Israel is the villain. He uses the term “settlements” to describe thriving towns and cities where, it should be noted, myriads of Arabs are happily and gainfully employed.

He ends with an appeal for a boycott of products from Judea and Samaria (which he calls the West Bank). His high-minded ethical request would result in the unemployment of thousands of Arab workers, but why should he care about that when it is in the interest of his higher moral principle?

Mr. Cohen (who writes for the New York Times — surprise! surprise!) is a purveyor of false propaganda. If Israel can be faulted, it is for its awful inability to properly state its case.

Israel should continue to give the back of its hand to Mr. Cohen and his fellow travelers. It should continue to defend itself, and it should make sure that its public relations efforts are as well prepared to speak the truth as its armed forces are to fight its battles.

Stuart Kaufman

Old Course Lane

Mount Pleasant