As usual your editorial on casino gambling reflects the past and current thinking in South Carolina that we must never move into the 21st century. The attitude of our politicians to keep South Carolina as backward as they can is bad enough. But for The Post and Courier to espouse the same old argument that any form of gambling is going to target the poor and irresponsible is just thinking from the past.

Are we to ignore the reality that if someone wants to gamble he will find a way, no matter the cost or any other obstacle? If you don’t believe that, go to any convenience store and observe who is buying all of those lottery tickets.

Wouldn’t it be something for visitors to Charleston to ride down I-26 through the neck area and see large casinos with hotels and theme park environments rather than the blighted area it now is?

How about all of those visitors to Myrtle Beach spending money in casinos there and generating tax dollars for our state? Jobs and tax dollars would flood in, and the effects on those you say would be exploited would be no more than with throwing dollars into the lottery. You can’t prevent people from being stupid.

Your attitude seems to say that someone must protect the citizens of South Carolina from themselves.

Is that really how you see the people of South Carolina? It’s time we took this state out of the backwoods. Will casino gambling and horse racing succeed here? Who knows, but if investors are willing to try, why not give them that chance? They are the ones taking the risk.

All we have to gain is plenty of jobs and a heck of a lot of money from taxes. Goodness knows we need some new form of raising money, as the citizens of this state are just about taxed out.

Rob Weitzel

Farmhill Drive