Two years ago, I met with the city and county to ask that the second lane off the Paul Gelegotis bridge be paved. Here we are some 13 years after this bridge has been built, with unprecedented traffic every afternoon on the bridge and still no action on the second lane.

Dozens of letters to the editor have concerned inadequate Johns Island roads and infrastructure. With recent flooding on Main Road, a tornado and the general increase in Johns Island’s population, the Stono bridge is a traffic jam every afternoon between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Where is the outrage?

It is ridiculous that the powers that be have the easement and the money to pave the half mile of pavement that we need for the second lane, but it is not being done.

Yet every day there are thousands of us inconvenienced with wasted time, wasted gas, frustration, increased pollution and road rage on the bridge because of the shortsightedness of our elected officials.

I implore each of you who is affected by this to voice your outrage by contacting your elected officials, the Department of Transportation, the mayor’s office, your councilman and anybody else who will listen and demand that they immediately put down the pavement. We cannot wait for I-526 or for the $42 million pitchfork idea to come to fruition. We need this road now.

Nicholas J. Clekis

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