If you are concerned about the solvency of the Social Security system, where the outflow is set to exceed the inflow in about 2025, you should support the expansion of legal immigration. The reason is simple: The United States will not have enough workers paying the FICA payroll tax to support the legion of Baby Boom retirees without adding immigrants to the workforce.

The problem of the looming bankruptcy of Social Security is masked by the persistent myth that “your” Social Security is some kind of savings account that the federal government has been carefully stewarding for you during your working life.

The truth is that your payroll taxes have gone into the general fund, and one of the things paid for is old age pensions. You will need others to do the same for you in order to keep the checks coming.

Other than a heretofore not seen increase in fertility to grow more workers (in 20 years) increased immigration is our only choice, regardless of what the Trump-tonians would have you believe.

Immigration has always been America’s secret weapon for economic growth and after the slow-growth Obama “recovery,” tapping this hidden engine will be key to future prosperity.

Dave Brumbaugh

Nassau Street