You have recently published an editorial advocating immigration “reform,” a heart-wrenching story about Blanca Vasquez’s plight as a Mexican citizen living here in violation of our laws and a letter from a friend of Blanca’s decrying Blanca’s predicament.

The letter writer uses hyperbole to create an emotional response: Blanca’s husband is “... locked up for the crime of wanting to reunite with his family.”

There is no such law on the books. He is locked up because he violated the deportation law as a repeat offender. And he was originally deported because he violated the immigration laws for over 14 years. Perhaps he violated the laws because he wanted a better life, but doesn’t everybody?

I’ll bet the Nigerian people would like a chance to come to America and avoid the deadly Boko Haram, not merely for a better life but just to stay alive. I suggest that, before we help Mexicans achieve a “better” life, we help the Nigerians, Malians, Syrians, etc., enjoy life without the constant threat of death, rape and kidnapping. There are many needy people in the world.

Is it fair to start with the ones who have already been helped? God helps those who help themselves. Blanca and her husband helped themselves. They should be thankful for what they have. Think of those Nigerians.

Dennis White

Bohicket Road

Johns Island