The Department of Education is facing another dilemma, with haughty objections by Sen. Hugh Leatherman and Rep. Jay Lucas to our state Supreme Court, which after more than 20 years is mustering the courage to push the Legislature into action about the Abbeville court case. The legislators complained that only the General Assembly is allowed to legislate, but the Legislature didn’t act. Instead the legislators tried to suffocate the suit by neglect, ignorance and dereliction of duty.

The time has come to face the music and grant Abbeville equal funding as well as comparable school buildings, lab equipment and instruments, teachers and curricula.

The discrepancy with other counties as to revenue from real estate taxes bound to schools is equivalent to legislated discrimination, worthy of a federal investigation.

I don’t want to see South Carolina remain at the level of a Third World country. We can do better with better governance.

There are reasons these districts lack quality teachers. We allow substandard teachers to graduate. Starting salaries for teachers here are $4,000 a year below our neighbors.

It doesn’t take a genius to know why the best teachers escape to other states.

Auvo Kemppinen

Lake Moultrie Drive