I read with interest a recent article by David Wren regarding the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers’ (IAM) attempts to convince employees of Boeing in North Charleston to sign union cards so they can have a vote.

The IAM representative in the article mentioned that employees should be free from harassment and intimidation from Boeing.

As someone who has experience with the Teamsters in the Northeast and New England, I think it is important that the average reader understand some facts.

The National Labor Relations Act prohibits a company from spying, promising, interrogating or threatening workers in any matter related to collective bargaining or union organizing.

On the other hand, the union can promise anything to workers to convince and persuade them that the union is in their best interest. If the IAM had any evidence that Boeing was harassing or threatening employees related to union organizing, it would already have filed an unfair labor practice complaint against Boeing with the current anti-business, pro-union National Labor Relations Board. As it is, it’s just another baseless tactic to scare workers into supporting the union.

Richard Davis

Town Creek Drive