I was disappointed to read of the numerous fatalities on the stretch of I-26 I commute on every day. However, there was some relief knowing the publicity could bring about some improvements to reduce the dangers.

I was disappointed to learn the highway department decided to remove the trees from the median for a quick and easy solution. Following the announcement, many of us were relieved to learn of a compromise for selective tree removal following a public outcry.

I was disappointed when informed of the millions that would be spent on what I felt was a misguided plan — not a solution. One would expect, though, the amount would be offset by lumber sales to relieve the taxpayer of such a burden.

I felt the real disappointment had come when: 1) There were no lumber sales; all was shredded 2) There were two recent deaths in as many weeks on the cleared highway 3) I saw how much of the median was being clear cut.

There was one exception I found some joy in, though: They had saved two large oaks in the median between 17A and Jedburg Road. It seemed care had been taken to protect them while cutting, and I looked forward to passing them daily.

The real disappointment actually came, however, when those last two trees were cut down. The only joy now will be to make certain I vote against anyone who supported any of this.


Dantzler Lane