A lot of accidents have periodically forced the closure of I-26, Savannah Highway and I-526. This results in a lot of griping and then it’s back to normal.

But Maybank Highway being closed for a few hours means we need to spend $600 million for an environmental disaster ASAP, so we can have an alternate route that is not much shorter. Has all common sense departed Charleston?

A hurricane evacuation would go exactly the way it does now. If you leave when it is recommended, you will have no additional problems. The I-526 extension only moves the evacuation bottleneck point a few miles up the road. If in fact the I-526 extension had already been built, the accident on Maybank Highway would have altered the destination of the (Feb. 2) letter writer from Johns Island to West Ashley to sit in the Savannah Highway traffic and get directed to Main Road.

I recall the Ravenel bridge twice being closed for two days. Not only did this close Highway 17 in both directions, it effectively paralyzed the entire city. Where is the outrage to build a parallel bridge?

Larry Wiessmann

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island