I wish to congratulate Gov. Nikki Haley on her stand not to accept Syrian refugees. To fight terrorists, you must think like they do. Do anything to win. Take advantage of every opportunity, such as putting ISIS followers among refugees.

If, in addition, President Obama moves suspect terrorists in Guantanamo to a local prison, you can be sure the ISIS members who got in with the refugees would attack the prison and release them. What an opportunity for a murder rampage that would make the Paris incident seem minor.

I also suspect terrorists will try to get their hands on atomic weapons with help from Muslim believers in Pakistan. People who are willing to die for their cause will do anything to win.

To win we must think like a terrorist and act accordingly, no matter how extreme the possible incident could be. Security worldwide must be stepped up.

Let us help Arab refugees resettle in Muslim countries. We should help the Arab governments root out the causes that led to ISIS.

Ronald Cohen

Willingham Court