I noted with interest and admiration the honor the City of North Charleston recently bestowed on John Bourne and Keith Summey. The honor is truly and most sincerely deserved.

Without the dedication and hard work of these two men the city would never have come into existence and flourished as it has.

The recognition brought to mind the contribution to the establishment of the City of North Charleston by attorney James Gonzales. Jim was the attorney for John Bourne and the city during the very difficult incorporation process and the early challenging years afterwards.

His hard work, dedication and astute legal guidance was truly the cornerstone of the establishment of the City of North Charleston and its eventual success. It could not have been accomplished without the contributions of the then young lawyer, Jim Gonzales. Perhaps the city can and will recognize Jim's contributions in some appropriate manner.

Harvey M. Spar

Concord Street


EDITOR'S NOTE: Earlier versions of this letter, as well as the print version, had an incorrect spelling of James Gonzales' name.