My cousin, a civilian employee of the federal government, recently explained the “paid holiday drought” concept. Imagine going 100 days from mid-February to the last Monday in May without a paid holiday from your employer. I asked if he had the option to use accrued sick days to soften the hardship.

Ignoring his look of contempt, I explained that the majority of U.S. workers don’t get paid if they fail to show up for work. He quickly went to the state of South Carolina website and showed that for 2015 there are 13 observed holidays, 12 for Charleston County employees. We agreed that all bets were off for those fortunate enough to work for the schools.

A few years ago, South Carolina awarded state employees Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas as paid holidays. It took roughly one nanosecond for county and city workers to adopt the same schedule. Who says the public sector can’t be fast, responsive and flexible?

James Grady

W. Indian Avenue

Folly Beach