“Lack of transparency” seems to have become the new code for “we don’t like the way things seem to be turning out.”

The Charleston County School Board has presented three finalists for superintendent, and the press seems entranced by a small group pushing to reopen the search. It’s not quite clear what they want.

Imagine if the College of Charleston was searching for a new basketball coach and it just happened that Coach K, the rather successful Duke coach, was available, interested and agreeable to being a finalist for the job.

Then imagine the other relevant candidate was a present assistant coach of this year’s 11-12 team, its best record since he arrived five years ago. Despite the team’s record, the assistant was a local guy, and some alumni were saying “give him a chance; he’s got some good qualities.” Coach K was interested because he wanted a new challenge.

In addition, imagine the search committee was under fire because John Kresse had actually (gasp!) talked with Coach K, making the selection process totally rigged.

Perhaps that’s where this CCSB process is flawed. But at issue is a candidate who has successfully run one of the best school districts around. That would be Gerrita Postlewait, the former superintendent of Horry County.

I wonder if Dr. Postlewait were to pull out, whether certain people would still claim lack of transparency and want the search reopened. They might want to be careful what they ask for.

Peter Smyth

Colony Drive