The S.C. High School League has voted to force certain private schools to play up in one classification or maybe even two. Bishop England is one school that will be affected; however, I am writing on behalf of all schools that may be affected.

What the High School League is seeking is parity, but it is going about it in the wrong manner.

Students in public schools and the people who run them have a feeling of entitlement. It is a terrible phenomenon that is sweeping this country in all areas of life. People are not willing to sacrifice and work hard for what they get.

Private school coaches and teachers have to work harder and smarter than their counterparts in the public system because parents are paying hard-earned dollars to send their kids to a private school.

The High School League can pass all the bylaws and amendments it wants, but it will not bring about parity because you cannot legislate the intangibles like hard work, dedication, competition and knowledge.

This tactic reminds me of how the federal government approaches problems — by throwing money at them. They only make matters worse.

Coach Paul Runey, athletic director and girls’ basketball coach at Bishop England, said in The Post and Courier, “I keep asking what advantage do we have over the other schools here and no one can give me an answer.”

The answer is that you are working in a private school with hard-working teachers, parents and coaches who thankfully are not regulated by the federal government.

Keep up the good work.

Mike McInerny

Myrtle Avenue

Sullivan’s Island