I thank The Post and Courier for following the issues of the mentally ill. The article in the March 29 paper by Lauren Sausser was excellent. She exposes the hypocrisy of those who blame mass shootings on the mentally ill, and then refuse to assist them to recover. Expanding Medicaid is a good start.

As a psychotherapist, I have the greatest empathy for those who suffer from mental illness. However, damaged people can be dangerous, which is why they sometimes end up in jail or killing someone, including themselves.

A few years ago I attended an excellent MUSC seminar hosted by the Department of Psychiatry, entitled “The Criminalization of The Mentally Ill.” The title says it all: sick people become more disturbed and dangerous in prison. The Justice System becomes the de facto Department of Mental Illness.

I look forward to continuing coverage of this neglected population.

Elaine Tanay

Licensed Clinical

Social Worker

Scalybark Road