On March 24, I attended a Charleston City Council meeting that included a vote on a resolution opposing seismic testing and offshore drilling along the coast of Charleston. This was in response to a recent federal proposal to allow offshore drilling in South Carolina. Council voted in favor of a resolution stating Charleston was opposed to the proposal to drill and do seismic testing on its coast.

Other municipalities along the coast have voted similarly.

It seems like the only sensible thing to do is to leave our coast alone and not tempt so many negative possibilities. We have seen those possibilities occur in too many accidents, oil spills, etc., in other coastal areas.

Now I hear that Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Lindsey Graham have approved the proposal for drilling and seismic testing.

Have they not heard the voice of the people? Have we really no say in what big corporations, big money, does to our environment?

We have clearly stated that we do not want this rape of our coast to happen. Our voices are heard and ignored.

Money is the voter with the power. Greedy corporations wield power with lobbies that control members of Congress.

We ruin our land when we refuse to invest in alternate forms of fuel, in sustainability and the health of our people, and instead mute our dissent and bow to the dollar.

Gloria Cohen

Market Street