There was an article in the June 8 Post and Courier titled “Grief and hope” regarding the Emanuel AME Church. That reporter could cross the street, walk down a block or two to the Charleston County School District offices and write another article titled “Hate and discontent.”

A few weeks ago an awful tragedy took place in Charleston, and the community came together like never before. This response touched the hearts of people in this town and all around the country.

No sooner had the last victim been laid to rest than the claws came out over the selection of a new school superintendent.

What happened to all the love, good will, brotherhood and peace? Does it only count when there’s a tragedy? Does it not apply to daily life?

In an act of tremendous faith, the families of the Emanuel Nine forgave the heathen who murdered their loved ones. We can’t forgive the school board for doing its job?

I don’t know anything about selecting a school superintendent, and I dare say neither does the general public. There seems to be a bunch of experts saying it was wrong. Is this a way to honor the AME victims?

In a republic such as ours we elect people to perform tasks. One of the tasks of the school board is to select a superintendent when there is a need. They did that.

Perhaps the right thing to do now is to support this new superintendent so she can make this district the best it can be.

We had a good start toward peace and harmony in this town. Too bad it didn’t last.

Bob Mantini

Garden Creek Road