I did not vote for Gov. Nikki Haley in the last election. This was only the second time that I did not vote for a Republican in my 64 years on this planet.

When Gov. Haley first ran for governor, I was excited to maybe have a conservative female to break up the good ol’ boys network in Columbia. But it seems that her administration has become the good ol’ girls network, and things are even worse than before.

Columbia has said that experienced people need to be appointed to the S.C. State University Board of Trustees to clean up its present mess. I agree.

I wish the governor would run this state with the attitude she uses for S.C. State University. It seems that the only job qualifications the state requires for agency directors are to be a friend of hers and a lawyer.

What qualified Catherine Templeton to run the Department of Health and Environmental Control other than knowing the governor?

Ms. Templeton was not appointed by the governor, but was given a ringing endorsement. DHEC is not a play toy. I know that politics is politics, but I was really hoping that Gov. Haley would be better than that.

The citizens of South Carolina deserve a competent, experienced director for one of the largest agencies in this state.

Mark R. DeMay

Longview Road

Mount Pleasant