Some trial balloons deserve to be shot down immediately. The Lindsey Graham presidential aspiration trial balloon is one such balloon. He is a truly dangerous person, both domestically and internationally. While he claims to be a conservative, those who have followed his career understand that the prefix and suffix neo and interventionist pertain.

The Americans for whom he poses the greatest danger are those of military age, as he does not seem to take to heart that “all wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones,” and “America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” Thank you, Benjamin Franklin and John Quincy Adams.

Although Graham is a field grade military officer, one will never find him in the field. That military lawyer will always be in the rear with the gear while those he is so willing to send into battle are doing just that.

He is the Courtney Massengale character of Anton Myrer’s “Once an Eagle,” a brilliant character study of the contrast between career military officers Sam Damon, who actually does the fighting, and Massengale, the Washington insider who, while happy to send others into harm’s way, avoids any possibility of personal harm.

Graham is a proponent of the condescending foreign policy of nation building that continues in spite of the Iraq and Afghanistan fiascoes. He was all in for our nation going abroad and destroying the Saddam monster.

Now that the dust has not settled, and shows no signs of settling, has it not been made clear that Saddam was doing the world a favor by keeping a lid on that powder keg nation?

Our nation is war weary, and it needs not a president who would so obviously pursue a bellicose foreign policy. Boots on the ground in Syria? Insanity.

Graham has sworn an oath to protect and preserve our nation’s constitution yet he has twice voted to confirm as Supreme Court justices people he had every good reason to believe to be hostile to that document.

The president has the absolute right to submit to the Senate for advice and consent any person he might choose; however, senators have no obligation whatsoever to grant consent.

There is no such entity as a nation without borders. Once a nation has been established it is the absolute duty of that nation’s government to protect its borders.

Orderly immigration that is in the benefit of a nation is a wise policy, while uncontrolled, disorderly immigration poses a grave risk to any nation.

Calling illegal immigrants “undocumented workers” and claiming that owing to their numbers they cannot be rounded up and deported is intellectually dishonest poppycock. Graham violates his oath of office when advocating any form of amnesty for those who have crossed our border illegally.

Graham is the poster boy for the repeal of the 17th Amendment to our nation’s constitution and unfit to be its president unless one favors the present leviathan on the Potomac.

This writer does not.

Walter D. Carr

Ashley River Road