I am writing to bring light to S.C. H.4834 bill, which was introduced on Feb. 3 and is currently being considered by the Judiciary Committee.

This bill will change how a municipal government annexes property. Presently, if a town wishes to bring in property it must have the property owner’s permission or put it out to public vote. It requires that the annexation adds value or a benefit to the property owner.

Under this bill, towns that have nothing to offer hold-outs could force them in without any added benefit to them.

This bill does require a public notice but does not allow the property owner to refuse the annexation.

This would create a legal municipal monopoly if passed. I find it shameful that a bill having such an impact on the rights of a property owner would have so little publicity. It’s as if it needs to be kept quiet to get it passed.

John Elkin

Main Street