Recently you published a letter admonishing those who complained about Trident Technical College’s new seven-week courses to quit whining because college “is supposed to be difficult.” This is the cliche answer given whenever anybody complains about something being unnecessarily difficult.

College is “supposed to be difficult” because of the material being learned, not because of some contrived super-short time period.

In addition, virtually every decently-paid job requires applicants to have completed at least two years of college just to prove they could do it.

Having technical college so difficult that people have trouble actually learning the material is counterproductive to the stated purposes of the school.

Learning the material is the point of going, after all. Trident has a nursing program. Would you like your nurse to have quickly learned essentials of her profession just for the exam so she could take the next course? I wouldn’t.

I would say that education, from kindergarten to college is completely useless for students who didn’t learn anything from it.

There is necessarily a time within which students must learn material. But shortening that time until it’s just a tick-off on a course list is a waste of students’ money and time and will ultimately not fulfill Trident Tech’s, or any college’s, mission.

Trident Tech should revisit this issue and restore full-semester courses.

Gloria B. Jenkins

Stonehenge Road