The Obama administration recently stated that it is looking for a new home for the Guantanamo prisoners here in the states.

Fox News reported that the officials were considering the Fort Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas and the Navy Brig in Hanahan.

As a former police and corrections officer who started in the field when I came back from Vietnam and while serving in the Marine Corps, as a brig-chaser taking prisoners from one state to another, I am adamantly opposed to the idea.

This, in my opinion would be a serious breach in national security and here is why:

If, as most people think, we have terrorist cells waiting to be activated here, what better army to have, than one that is based here in our country?

As for the Charleston area, it’s vulnerable to water and land attacks. It is also in an earthquake zone and is prone to hurricanes.

If there were a major disaster, which leveled part or all of the Hanahan facility, we would have some of the deadliest individuals on the loose, turning the community into a combat zone.

I’m sure people will argue that we can defend against this and have the National Guard to protect us, but they would be wrong. The horse would have already left the barn. President Obama’s plan to shut Gitmo down would needlessly put American lives in danger.

Gregory J. Topliff

Glenwood Drive